Powering enterprises in their journey toward Data & Analytics at scale

YOOI helps manage effectively projects and assets portfolios in order to support daily operations towards value creation and embrace a data-driven culture

The cockpit to drive all your Data & Analytics initiatives and maximize their value impact


Build a shared vision on projects, plans and progress, document, and data across your organization


Create synergies and streamline efforts by aligning a company’s objectives with projects, and pilot the D&A initiatives from prioritization to delivery while avoiding duplications


Exchange information with your existing systems, gather and distribute information, build a cockpit of combined information, automate workflows


Stimulate communities to spark global dynamics across teams, geographies, business units, and beyond your organization: leverage expertise, smooth interactions, unlimited collaboration

Here is how you can reach that

Adaptive & consistent

Flexible Data & Analytics cockpit adapts to your processes and organization


An effective and efficient way to view and manage projects at a glance

Collaborative knowledge

The synergy of the people involved, available knowledge, and applicable frameworks

D&A ecosystem

A connected and centralized catalyst for value generation from Data & Analytics

Ready to leverage Data & Analytics initiatives?

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