Ensuring your Data & AI 
products are used and valuable

At YOOI, it is our mission to help organizations around the world be assured that their Data & AI investments bring them business value at scale and over time.

For data consumers, that means easily find the Data & AI initiatives and tools they need for making decisions, better and faster than ever.

For data providers, the clarity of initiative's usage and value enables Data & AI to be a value engine for the organization.

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Our values

YOOI value - collaboration


At YOOI, we embrace transparency and open communication.

As consequence, all company knowledge (works, brainstorms, decisions, tools) are accessible to everyone.

YOOI value - evolvement


We let the knowledge flows across the teams feely.

Everyone can lead the change regardless of seniority, progress as they please in their projects and feel comfortable to innovate.

YOOI value - one teamwork

One teamwork

We promote open communication and collective ownership across the teams to meet the YOOI goals.

YOOI value - cope with failure

Cope with failures

Failures are inevitable in the innovation journey.

The key is to accept failure as an option and know how to react to it, instead of prevent failure at any cost.

Combining decades of experience to craft a vision for the future of Data & AI

Nicolas Averseng CEO

Nicolas Averseng

Chief Executive Officer

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Nicolas Averseng CEO

Xavier Fournet

Chief Technology Officer

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Nicolas Averseng CEO

Mathieu Sebire

Head of engineering

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Our offices

YOOI Paris

23 rue du Renard, 75004 Paris


23 Boulevard Jules Favre, 69006 Lyon

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