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Our mission

Our SaaS platform is targeted at enterprises for helping them along their journey toward Data & Analytics at scale. By enabling organizations to drive all of their Data & Analytics initiatives, the maximized value and impact can be created

How YOOI started

YOOI was founded by a team of tech passionate people with deep experience in the Data & Analytics space and a strong record on enterprise software

As every project depends on data, we must develop a product that can mobilize data assets and leverage Data & Analytics. From startups to the world's largest companies, we bring coherence and visibility to their business strategy

The big data & AI ecosystem is constantly evolving. It is our objective to connect the dots and processes for companies to innovate with YOOI

YOOI = a simpler way

Believing in solving problems in a simpler way, we chose YOOI as our name. YOOI comes from the Japanese word 容易 (ようい), which is used as “easy-to-solve problems”.

We believe there is always an easier way to infuse data in business. Companies in the world can run more smoothly once reliable data is applied to every step and operation.

Our vision is that one day, all organizations can embrace data and analytics in their operations in an easy and direct manner.

A simpler world to scale with data and insights, YOOI.

Our leadership team

Nicolas Averseng CEO

Nicolas Averseng


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Julien Richard head of enginnering

Mathieu Sebire

Head of engineering

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Xavier Fournet CTO

Xavier Fournet


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Baptiste Bon head of product

Baptiste Bon

Head of product

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Our offices

YOOI Paris

23 rue du Renard, 75004 Paris


23 Boulevard Jules Favre, 69006 Lyon

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