Reuse your existing assets and best practices

Enable easy discovery and reuse of existing assets, provide access to usage context to build trust, track r(re)use and incremental value.

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Assets are accumulated but many of them are used only once and never reused...

Reuse initiatives

How to bring added value to existing assets?

What level of trust do the users have in current D&A assets?

What are the long-term impacts and benefits of D&A?

How frequent is a data asset reused in projects?

What standards are put in place to ensure quality D&A reuse?

Why do teams use YOOI to enable reuse of D&A assets ?

Maximize value generated from Data & Analytics assets

Shorter time-to-market and fewer risks of error for new projects

Foster D&A culture and data literacy to ease communication

Access data analytics through asset library and portal

Having access to existing assets, models, API, best practices, templates and more, D&A users can choose suitable initiatives to support use case executions regularly

The easiness to discover and browse D&A assets avoids the organization from dedicating duplicated efforts in similar D&A asset developments.

YOOI encourages reuse of Data & Analytics initiatives with asset library

Document and guide D&A usage

Assist users to assess data assets and educate them to adopt D&A in projects by providing usage guides, documentation and best practices.

Onboard new users and continuously support existing ones to learn how to use D&A initiatives to encourage the use and reuse of them.

YOOI encourages reuse of Data & Analytics initiatives with guidelines

Improve asset quality by collaborating on asset governance

Thanks to collaboration across functions and teams, submission and validation workflows become smoother and more comprehensive.

Govern assets by gathering feedbacks, enable peer review and emphasizing alignment in order to improve existing assets quality.

YOOI mock up for process validation in a collaborative processYOOI encourages reuse of Data & Analytics initiatives through collaboration

Use concrete numbers to track D&A usage

One of the common challenges to organizations is lacking metrics to track D&A initiative use frequency or if an asset is ever used.

By using centralized usage metrics and context, the organization can drive the assets portfolio, roadmap as well as monitor the use & reuse of asset to better manage the knowledge they own.

YOOI encourages reuse of Data & Analytics initiatives by tracking the use and reuse

How does YOOI work in real-life situations?

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