Define your optimal data & analytics strategy

Capture raw ideas, guide and animate qualification into actionable use cases and prioritize the optimal D&A roadmap.

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Overwhelmed with ideas and directions, you don't know where to start...

Define problems

How to assess and qualify incoming ideas?

How to prioritize and select use cases?

How to identify duplicate issues & avoid wasted efforts?

Who owns and is responsible for each new proposal?

How to know if initiatives bring value to the organization?

How to balance risks vs opportunities?

Why do teams use YOOI to manage their idea pool ?

Build alignment and determine the best scenario to proceed

Smooth communication & involve the right people at the right time

Launch initiatives faster and boost innovation

Dedicated ideation portal

One of the key challenges of the data transformation is to engage users, starting with gathering and qualifying their ideas.

By providing an ideation portal and making it widely accessible, enterprises can stimulate the emergence of new initiatives by providing inspiration from existing ideas and an easy way to propose new ones.

Define your data & analytics strategy with a dedicated idea portal on YOOI

Predefined templates & guides

Scaling collection of ideas implies that users are well guided to provide the adequate level of details.

With predefined and progressive templates, capture your use cases canvas, and gather usable and comparable information - also ensuring that the flow can be efficiently triaged and processed.

Deliver your data & analytics strategy with governance workflows on YOOI

Collaborative qualification workflow

Turning an idea into a plan needs various stakeholders to contribute and initiative prerequisites to be fulfilled.

Qualify ideas with workflows and collaboration across stakeholders to identify duplicates and conflicts, evaluate costs and feasibility, align with business strategy, and assess risks and dependencies.

YOOI mock up for collaborationDefine your data & analytics strategy with collaborative qualification workflow on YOOI

Prioritization and initiative scheduling

Resources are scarce and ideas are unlimited. Organizations need to focus on delivering the most suitable projects for global goals.

Prioritize initiatives based on complex factors, visualize and evaluate scenarios, select projects and allocate resources.

YOOI helps monitor data & analytics value chain with a value tracking cockpit

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