December 15, 2023
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YOOI named Gartner Cool Vendor in Data & Analytics Programs & Practices

We are very proud to announce that Gartner has named YOOI a 2023 Cool Vendor in Data and Analytics Programs and Practices 🎉

📖 Per Gartner's definition, "Cool Vendors have the potential to develop technologies, products, services, or business models that enable users to do things they couldn’t do before, in ways that are materially different from other options in the market."

🪩 Why is this significant ?
Chief Data & Analytics Officers are more and more challenged to communicate business value of their strategy, and need to make the link between the intended business value on one side vs the technical aspects of delivering the program.And as such they need to develop a systematic approach to measure and communicate value… along with the associate risks & costs.

📢 "This is an awesome recognition of our vision to help organizations become value-driven, by managing Digital, Data & Analytics investments as a portfolio and by relying on a collaborative cockpit to consolidate visibility and animate the transformation." said Nicolas AVERSENG, our CEO.

Want to learn more about YOOI and how it can help you step up your value management approach? Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss and have a demo. 💻

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