The strategic platform for Data & Analytics value management

YOOI combines portfolio and assets management capabilities to optimize the value generated from your projects

Introducing a new way to drive Data & Analytics initiatives end-to-end and maximize their value and impact

Optimize portfolios

Manage initiatives from emergence, to prioritization and delivery. Get a 360° view dashboard on the data, documentation, and progress of your ongoing initiatives

Boost Innovation

Increase internal engagement through global data collaboration efforts improved the trust users have in Data & Analytics as well as the overall data literacy level

Accelerate project delivery

Capture and share business and operational context, also target project impacts. Bring together data users and experts to collaborate on projects and track deliverables

Foster Automation

Easily integrate your automation workflows to offer a cockpit for your xOps teams to centralize information across your pipelines and organization


Improve team's productivity

Launch initiatives faster

Enhance data literacy

Increase ROI of initiatives

YOOI supports Value Management for Data & Analytics

Nowadays, every project depends on data, one of the company’s challenges is to capture the most value from their data and make the best business decisions from it

The current business environment is uncertain and complex which makes good business analysis becomes even more critical to success. Value management helps optimize and support strategic decisions by creating synergy between business analysis and project management

YOOI helps your organization to pilot projects portfolios, track projects delivery and consolidate a global assets & knowledge inventory

Drive your Data & Analytics initiatives from emergence to completion, monitor the value created at every level and identify business outcomes

Pilot your strategy & projects from a 360° data cockpit


Build a shared vision on projects, plans, and progresses with documents and data across your organization


Create synergies and streamline efforts by aligning the company's objectives with projects & teams


Exchange information with your existing systems to gather and distribute information, build a cockpit of combined information


Stimulate communities in order to spark global dynamics across teams, geographic, business units and beyond your organization

Ready to leverage Data & Analytics initiatives?

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