What makes YOOI unique ?

YOOI is the 1st and the best Data & Analytics value management tool. We make it easy for you to capture, monitor and optimize the use of D&A initiatives so you can achieve your business goals.

Flexibility, scalability and agility all in one place

YOOI is fully customizable with brick structure

Fully customizable platform

On YOOI, all features and fields are like bricks that users can freely combine or separate them. By doing so, organizations can deploy the platform step by step and ensure that the platform fit with the context at every stage.

Work in bricks

Hyper configurable

YOOI bridges business and data teams

Bridge business teams & data teams

YOOI maps the relationship clearly between Data & Analytics initiatives and use cases. Business, executives and IT teams across the value chain can track the assets or use cases with evolutive ID cards.

The simple interface reduced the learning curve for non-tech users. The platform also support automations to streamline workflows.

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Guide users along the lifecycle


Simple interface & automations

Engage your teams in the Data & Analytics journey

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D&A team

Anaïs consolidates information from various tools and resources, deliver D&A needs and uncovers hidden opportunities with data.

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Bernard manages the entire D&A investments, develops the roadmap and ensures the organization leverages D&A assets fully.

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Business Users

Catherine proposes new data capabilities from the business perspective, follow up the ideas, set the right goals and see the impacts.

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David creates project standards & processes for the entire organization, tracks progresses across departments and offers best practices.

Integrate with your favorite tools

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Designed to help you leverage D&A investments, fully

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