Optimize the visibility and efficiency of Data & AI initiatives

Achieve full visibility across your portfolio, consolidate information across your ecosystem of tools and finally manage the operational & financial performance of your Data & AI.

Manage Data & AI value end-to-end

Nowadays, every project depends on data, one of the company’s challenges is to capture the most value from their data and make the best business decisions from it.

The current business environment is uncertain and complex and good business analysis become critical to success. Value management helps optimize and support strategic decisions by creating synergy between business analysis and project management.

YOOI links business strategies with data analytics ecosystem and communities

YOOI helps your organization to pilot projects portfolios, track projects delivery and consolidate a global assets & knowledge inventory

Drive your Data & AI initiatives from emergence to completion, monitor the value created at every level and identify business outcomes

Learn more about managing Data & AI lifecycle

According to Gartner, 80% of data projects fail because of data management problems at different stages.

To support executives to have full control of the entire lifecycle of the data usage and assets, YOOI proposes a 4-step model to execute data value management. This way, you can capture values from every step and maximize project successes.

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