Monitor the value of your
Data & AI portfolio

Track and compare the expected and realized value, risks and costs
of Data & AI initiatives. 
Visualize and optimize Data & AI contributions to the business strategy

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It's hard to capture and demonstrate
the tangible benefits from Data & AI

Monitor data & analytics

How does the risks of initiatives and assets evolve?

How to decide to stop, reinvest on or promote an initiative?

How to justify Data & AI budget for the next year?

How to share progress of digital and data transformation?

How to determine the D&A value creation effectiveness?

How to engage more business leaders in D&A opportunities?

Why do teams use YOOI to demonstrate Data & AI value ?

Evaluate costs and benefits of Data & AI initiatives

Maintain an optimal portfolio with agile resources allocation

Animate the data transformation with visible outcomes

Comprehensive value tracking cockpit

Value assessment involves multiple-dimension tracking on costs, performance, quality, risks and business outcomes. It continues after delivery and lasts until the initiative is retired.

With a consolidated cockpit, Data & AI leaders achieve a comprehensive view of how the portfolio contributes to the business strategy and monitor progress of the value-driven transformation.

YOOI helps monitor data & analytics value chain with a value tracking cockpit

Value analysis, communication & alignment

Unify the language and tools your teams use in the Data & AI value creation process.

Thanks to flexible dashboards and tailored visualizations for various purposes, D&A leaders can analyze value and initiatives performance continuously for reporting and decision-making.

YOOI helps monitor data & analytics value chain with value analysis

Conduct investigations

Understanding value creation and associated risks requires clear contribution between data and business results correlated from disparate sources.

Qualify ideas with workflows and collaboration across stakeholders to identify duplicates and conflicts, evaluate costs and feasibility, align with business strategy, and assess risks and dependencies.

YOOI helps monitor data & analytics value chain through investigation

Adjust and optimize
Data & AI portfolio

Resources are scarce and ideas are unlimited. Organizations need to focus on delivering the most suitable projects for global goals.

Prioritize initiatives based on complex factors, visualize and evaluate scenarios, select projects and allocate resources.

YOOI helps monitor data & analytics value chain by allowing users optimize the data & analytics portfolio

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