Manage the value & impact of your
Data & AI investments

Combine all business priorities, initiatives and assets into one consolidated portfolio. Build a business lineage that connects to your organization structure and align priorities.

Optimize your portfolio of use cases and products

Companies own and generate enormous amounts of data. And data is only useful and valuable when used correctly in the context of business process - to power them or to support decision making.

Pilot data analytics portfolio and animate data analytics projects and combine the two parts to create an infinite value chain

Initiatives are the vehicles to deliver value, and data assets enable this. Combining those two dimensions in a single portfolio is key to enable visibility, manage dependencies and focus on the right investments.

Managing your initiatives and assets from ideation to delivery, and monitoring their value over time creates a virtuous loop : it supports the required agility and continuous improvement to adapt to the ever evolving business environment.

In YOOI, our cockpit helps you connect the strategy and outcomes with your xOps value chain to consolidate visibility, manage and troubleshoot impacts. Truly achieve 360° value management goals.

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According to Accenture, only 32%of business executives claimed that they can create measurable value from data.

In order to enable companies to execute data-driven transformation, YOOI collected and organized the latest insights regarding the must-have concepts and actionable suggestions to create value through Data and AI.

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