Mobilize data assets and knowledge

Mobilize knowledge through data referencing, building knowledge inventory and track data usage

No unified Data & Analytics strategy?

Missing target

Data in silos across the organization?

Missing target

Non-collaborative environment for knowledge sharing?

Missing target

Difficulties to track business benefits derived from data assets?

How does YOOI help in this situation?

Establish and develop data democratization across the organization to evolve toward a data-driven culture by improving knowledge-sharing and enabling users to uncover new insights and opportunities

Aggregate information from heterogeneous data catalogs and systems

Aggregate information from heterogeneous data catalogs and systems

Powerful integrations to reference data from different sources into a unified repository of knowledge and initiatives with a powerful flexible structure to consolidate the complexity and diversity of activities

Share information to support alignmen an enablement

Share information to support alignment and enablement

Get business and organizational context from a powerful knowledge base and capture the connection with the strategy.


YOOI supports alignment & enablement on strategic priorities and initiatives, for all your teams through efficient collaboration tools. Connect every item with the global strategy and organization

Track the value of data assets through connection with usage and strategy

Track the value of data assets through connection with usage & strategy

Use replicable data assets from the global inventory to articulate business outcomes.


As teams reference deliverables easily with YOOI, they contribute to build data & analytics capabilities in their organization and release the potential value of its data. The ability to track data assets lifecycle gives precious insights about their value

Enrich assets and knowledge inventory

Enrich assets and knowledge inventory

 A data-centric collaboration approach gives visibility to all data & analytics assets. No more wasting time looking for a piece of information through different sources.


Data, templates, libraries, reporting, and follow-up models, can be added to a global inventory so every user can use the same information and documentation to manage projects consistently

Work with data actors within the organization and beyond

Work with data actors within the organization and beyond

Data & analytics communities emphasize the importance of collective knowledge.


YOOI gives a dedicated space to engaged data users and keeps them active around specific interests or projects. A community environment powers contributions from all users and strengthens the global knowledge-sharing effort

Maximize organizational effectiveness

Support data democratization

Give access to your data assets inventory, not only for your Data teams. As an all-in-one and intuitive platform, YOOI facilitates the discovery of trusted data, usage guidelines and compliance requirement to everyone. Full visibility and access to data assets contribute to create data-driven culture throughout the organization

Stimulate reuse of trusted data