Engage data communities to boost D&A strategies execution

Different types of talents can contribute to data projects and business achievements in various ways. Organizations need to build their own data communities to support ideation, accelerate projects execution, prepare adoption and raise data literacy in the long term.

Include different perspectives for your data communities

YOOI allows users to engage and collaborate with various perspectives in data analytics value management

Data communities regroup and engage many profiles and roles around shared interests and expertise. 
They span across departments or other organizational boundaries.

These groups help organizations strengthen collaboration and develop a strong data culture to face future
challenges in Data & Analytics

Data communities empowers every usage of data asset



Engage the right talents in the right initiatives and at the right moment: to design initiatives, get expertise support, identify data sources, prepare adoption, etc.



Orchestrate validation processes, tasks and synchronization within D&A projects to ensure alignment and accelerate.

shared visibility

Shared visibility

Achieve a shared and holistic view of data initiatives and assets, through multi-faceted communications and contributions.

The benefits of enabling and animating data communities

Efficient delivery

Efficient delivery

Achieve the 3Us for your Data & Analytics initiatives by engaging users and stakeholders and accelerate delivery by relying on the right expertise.

Promoting a data culture

"Culture and data literacy are the top two roadblocks for data and analytics leaders" (Gartner, 2021).

Communities enable to scale literacy efforts and developing a data culture supports data-driven ambitions of the enterprise and encourages data monetization efforts.

Promoting a data culture across the organization
Boost data analytics innovation

Boost innovation

Allow creative mindsets to look back on the day-to-day struggles and at technology capabilities, to accelerate the development of innovative ideas. The investment in data and innovation shape the future of the organization.

Learn more about animating your data communities

At least 30% of US companies reporting creating a data-driven culture is their main challenge (Gartner, 2020).

Tackling culture challenges can be tough to data leaders. In order to guide managers along the journey, we collected best practices to explain why data communities are important and how you can enable them in your organization. People are the key to data-driven and insights-driven transformation.

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