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How a top retail company increased its productivity by 40% with YOOI?

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YOOI case study of an international retail company

Context & challenges

As the retail industry has been moving rapidly towards digitalization, the enterprise has seen a huge growth in terms of demand of data & analytics initiatives.

To support this, data & analytics capabilities have been growing accordingly, leading to multiple data teams spread across the organization, a growing complexity in terms of data sources, data and analytics tools, and ultimately a growing complexity in term of managing projects delivery.

The enterprise has decided to accelerate its delivery of data & analytics across company, and has therefore looked for a solution to smooth the new processes and boost productivity.

What was the problem?

With the rapid growth, there was no easy and centralized way to identify assets, best practices and to efficiently synchronize the various stakeholders and contributors.

  • It was very time-consuming for the teams to find the assets they needed across the multiple sources and data platforms and identify the right owners and interlocutors.
  • There was low reuse of assets leading to multiple duplicate efforts, including in terms of best practices, templates and other standards.
  • There was little collaboration among experts being scattered across the organization and around the globe. This led to real struggles when it came to sharing and aligning with other stakeholders like data providers and business users.
  • There was low visibility into progress and impact of ongoing initiatives, due to the complexity and level of efforts required to consolidate reporting

What was the solution?

YOOI brought together a collaboration workplace to engage all stakeholders and a management cockpit for sharing essential information and aligning them with business objectives. As a centralized solution, it has also granted access to a library of existing assets and best practices.

A global collaboration workplace

A global collaborative workplace on YOOI

With most of the employees working remotely, it was difficult to know what data is available without collaboration. YOOI helps everyone collaborate naturally on a dedicated environment. The collaboration has been extended not only within the data and experts teams, but also with non-technical stakeholders such as business users, governance & risks, accounting and business executives. It became the place where they can have access to all information and metadata quickly, and get accurate answers to their questions.

This collaborative approach to analytics brought together the skills and experience of people in a variety of roles and delivered benefits: business value for the organization and knowledge for the team members.

A trusted knowledge repository

A trusted knowledge repository on YOOI

The retail company was struggling with data complexity as it came from multiple sources in various forms, causing inefficient use and reuse of resources from teams. As data environments were growing exponentially, it became challenging to organize information in a useful way and to communicate around it. YOOI has provided access to a library of existing assets and best practices with the possibility to contribute and enrich them. Data, templates, reporting, and best practices, were added to a global inventory so every departments used the same information and documentation to manage projects consistently and optimize time.

Giving access to trusted data was essential to increase productivity as the teams spend much less time figuring out what data to trust and use. It also consolidates visibility on data otherwise fragmented across the company as IT operations are in separate infrastructures stacks.

A platform with a complete visibility

YOOI is a platform with complete visibility

Having all information, reports and dashboards in one centralized place makes it easier to work with, track projects and provide more timely insights. YOOI gave to stakeholders a unique global view of all ongoing projects to track costs, uncertainties and progress in a cohesive view.

On top of their regular meeting, the teams could keep an eye through custom dashboards with information that is always up-to-date and accurate. Missed steps, delivery delays or production issues have been avoided by real time activity tracking.

What are the results

YOOI brings 40% increase in data team productivity, 3x faster access to data and 25% more reuse of data assets

Additional contributions

YOOI fostered a workplace culture with democratized data usage

YOOI has enabled better coordination across projects involving various departments. With the ability to know data origin and use, not only the data teams but the business teams are more engaged as they know they can make the right decision with up-to-date information on YOOI.

The solution has fostered a workplace culture that is data centric and democratized data usage within the company. The users get context about data and can share with each other their skills about their specific field.

Employees are far more likely to find the data they need and to interpret it for a specific purpose. This translates into more agile teams as there is no bottleneck any longer at any process steps.

Next steps

YOOI track and optimize the ROI of their data & analytics initiatives.

The company recognizes high efficiency in its data work because so many of the obstacles associated with finding, connecting, sharing and integrating data are removed. The involved teams decided to go further with YOOI to track and increase the ROI of their data & analytics initiatives.

Data and Business leaders wants to have a comprehensive view of how each data & analytics project contributes to the business strategy so they can improve global alignment.

With a flexible value tracking cockpit and consolidated information, the retail company can continuously analyze the performances, report on it and make any improvements.

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