Simplify complex stages and processes to powerful visuals which helps you better plan, execute and control projects

Simulation of YOOI's platform visual supports

Use powerful and fully customizable visual supports

Clear and detailed project list

An easy way to edit and access projects. View and follow the collaborations happening in each project to continue the conversation or solve the issue.

List view for data assets
Timeline view for use cases and color-coded by business function

View project time frame & progress at once

Help users quickly find insights related to time-based questions. When working with different teams, it is important to track progress and dependencies on ongoing projects.

Configure dimensions to rank & prioritize projects

Define suitable axes for project measurement. A matrix view can illustrate which strategic work stream has better performance or what actions to take on an ineffective project.

Matrix view for use cases and show the relationships between them
Various cards are available for building a customized dashboard

Summarize D&A initiatives with key information

Provides an overview of the portfolio with charts and tables as well as quick accesses to detailed project information. YOOI helps you obtain a clear high-level view for your data analytics strategies.

Integrate processes between teams on an ongoing basis

Providing extra level of clarity by delineating your D&A initiatives depending on their lifecycle stage, work stream, business groups and more. Swimlane chart can help you better identify inefficiencies and eventually increase performance & project quality.

Matrix view for use cases and show the relationships between them

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