Visit us at La rencontre des Stratégies Data!

DII gathers European tech transformation experts from various industries to "La rencontre des Stratégies Data" to talk about data strategies, data governance and adaptation to ROI in Data & Analytics.

23 September, 2021 from 9 am to 4:30 pm UTC+2

23 September, 2021 from 9 am to 4:30 pm UTC+2

Paris & online

Paris & online

The D&A insights you'll find...

  • Learn more about YOOI and our data value optimization cockpit
  • Have an in-depth talk with our data experts
  • Explore the way to build a quality data marketplace and encourage data usage
  • Peer discussion on data strategy, data governance acts and data value creation approaches

Why you should participate?

  • Exclusive event for data experts around the world
  • Include professionals from diverse industries (SaaS, transportation, retail and more)
  • Empower yourself with innovative ROI data management approaches
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The D&A insights you'll find...

Attend our speech!

Discover how you can optimize the value and impact from your Data & Analytics projects

Visit us at La rencontre des Stratégies Data!

In this 30-minute speech, we will break down the data industry trends and discuss how executives can maximize the value and impact of their D&A projects. We will also take questions from you and share our responses. The speech will be in French.‍

More about the event please check the linnk

More about the event

This event faces executives for discussing data strategies. For joining the conversation, click the link below to secure your seat!

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