Working at YOOI

Collaboration-first approach

At YOOI, we embrace transparency and open communication as it allows a better collaboration between team members and helps cut out the bureaucracy throughout the company.

Our management and processes have always been aligned with this approach. As a consequence, all company knowledge (works, brainstorms, decisions, tools, …) must be accessible to everyone.

Always evolve and initiate changes

We strongly believe that “leadership is the opposite of control” and everyone should be responsible to improve the management, organization and development within the company. The hierarchical managers' roles are not to control the team, these roles are to facilitate the different interactions between departments and team members.

The aim of this approach is to create an environment where everyone understand they can lead the change regardless of seniority, and feel comfortable to act this way and try out new things.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels

Photo by fauxels on Pexels

Foster efficiency through knowledge sharing

As we’re promoting and investing in the knowledge sharing, each of the team members can tackle every challenge they notice and address any anticipated or unexpected issues.

The dependencies and bottlenecks are kept away from our processes and everyone can move forward as they please in their project.

One teamwork

Building a successful team is about fostering a strong sense of teamwork. We encourage open communication and collective ownership across the teams to meet the company goals.

Combining different backgrounds and perspectives help us find new solutions and innovating. We ensure a collective mindset in our different missions so we can remain focused on the right priorities and achieve more collaborative results.

Cope with failures

Failures are inevitable in a company who embrace innovation. The key is to accept failure as an option and know how to react to it, instead of prevent failure at any cost.

We do working with a range of tools  who help us solve many specific tech issues, but problems can still occur, and the way we react is much more valuable to succeed.

These 5 principles are fundamental beliefs and guiding principles under which YOOI operates. On a daily basis, it is our commitment to ensure these principles are understood and applied. But we also understand that these principles will change based on our experience and challenges we will face in the future. We fail and progress along the road and we need people that want to embrace this adventure.

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