December 22, 2021
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Data-driven companies are 162% more likely to outperform non-data-driven ones

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If you followed our previous posts you probably know to which extent becoming data-driven is crucial.

Nonetheless, becoming data-driven is easy to say but harder to achieve. But don’t panic, Janice Zdankus and Anthony Delli Colli have shared a good checklist of key principles to develop a great data strategy.

From these, four aspects raised our attention:

Understand the value of your data: how much value they can bring, and how that value can be achieved

Assess your data maturity: to be able to define the best path forward, and get commitment from C-Suite on that plan

Lean to deal with the dispersion of data: both from internal & external sources, by ensuring visibility and discoverability of existing assets

Embrace importance of culture and build trust: on data quality, data accessibility, data security, etc.

And finally, invest in automation to have a strong technical foundation going forward

Want to dig deeper into this subject? Do not hesitate to check the original article.

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