Increase the success and ROI of your Data & Analytics investments

Achieve projects visibility, ensure global alignment, animate communities and optimize the value from your Data & Analytics assets. All in one central cockpit.

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Data leaders have been battling those roadblocks while chasing data value

After deploying many tools and processes around D&A, organizations still ask themselves
“how can data and analytics be used to create value effectively?” and “what can be done today?”

Fail to assess and qualify incoming ideas

No process to prioritize value opportunities

Low visibility on duplicate or overlapping efforts

Time wasted on chasing information

No visibility on progress and dependencies

Unable to assess risks around D&A initiatives

Unable to know what value we get from our projects

Unable to capitalize on our assets

Unable to trust existing assets

Pilot your Data & Analytics value chains, build trust and deliver impact

Connect assets and initiatives into a single portfolio, consolidate information across your ecosystem, in order to manage and optimize Data & Analytics efforts at scale.

increase team productivity with data analytics

Increase productivity

Efficient coordination for tracking & reporting

Efficient delivery thanks to better alignment

Improved agility to adapt to the evolving context.

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Develop a data and analytics culture

Develop a D&A culture

Foster collaboration across roles, teams and expertise

Develop data literacy along with organizational maturity

Boost innovation and the emergence of ideas

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Increase data and analytics initiatives ROI

Increase initiatives ROI

Ensure alignment with strategic priorities

Optimize investments and dynamic resources allocation

Adapt to ever-evolving business context

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Designed to help data analytics initiatives create value and deliver outcomes for you

Broken relationships between your data analytics and business cases keep you away from capturing the complete value from your data analytics assets.

YOOI gives you the confidence to provide visibility on your full value stream and ensures your value management solution evolves with your growth. It is time for your D&A to start showing its worth.

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Visibility on all initiatives and assets

Centralize tracking for all initiatives at all lifecycle stages

Animate processes and automate workflows

Communicate and provide user access through self-service portals

create and maintain visibility on all initiatives and Data & Analytics assets
Alignment between initiatives & strategies

Alignment between initiatives & strategies

Consolidate your portfolios with common frameworks

Visualize dependencies, select and prioritize initiatives

Define and track expected outcomes to ensure alignment

Monitoring initiatives across D&A lifecycle

Centralize observability of events and metrics (quality, costs, anomalies...)

Easily connect to your existing xOps tools or directly connect with APIs

Visualize and analyze with flexible formulas, dashboards and navigation

Monitoring initiatives across D&A lifecycle
Build engagement in data transformation

Build engagement in data transformation

Real-time edits and updates with multiple users

Automatically sync and notify the changes with external platforms

Unlimited comments and collaborations around initiatives, to engage experts or request validations

Integration of initiatives and value chain

Customizable structure and workflows to fit your work style

Aggregate knowledge into a common structure and information graph

Powerful custom visualizations, search and navigation

Integration of initiatives and value chain

Integrates with the tools you already use

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