Real screenshots of the general YOOI interface to showcase available visualizations of the platform


Simplify complex stages and processes to powerful visuals which helps you better plan, execute and control projects

Use powerful and fully customizable visual supports

Clear and detailed project list

An easy way to edit and access projects. View and follow the collaborations happening in each project to continue the conversation or solve the issue

A clear and complete list of data assets for users to navigate through data and analytics initiatives
A collection of chips indicate what piece of data asset is used in what use case
Group options in the data asset library view to sort data assets freely
View all use cases by timeline while having them grouped and colored by status
Options to change use case views by different time stamps, progress, and color

View project time frame & progress at once

Help users quickly find insights related to time-based questions. When working with different teams, it is important to track progress and dependencies on ongoing projects

Use axes to rank & prioritize projects

Define suitable axes for project measurement. A matrix view can illustrate which strategic workstream has better performance or what actions to take on an unaffecting project

Matrix view for all use cases by their impacts and complexity while linking each use case by its dependency
Options to adjust matrix ord and abs, use case label and dependencies

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Adaptive and consistent

Adaptive & Consistent

Collaborative knowledge

Collaborative Knowledge

Data and Analytics ecosystem



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