Leverage D&A portfolio management to improve data project success

Optimizing value requires attention and alignment at every stage of Data & Analytics initiatives, to provide all participants with visibility, foster their collaboration, facilitate workflows. Animate and accelerate the full lifecycle and improve decisions all along.

Optimize your portfolio of initiatives and assets

Companies own and generate enormous amounts of data. And data is only useful and valuable when used correctly in the context of business process - to power them or to support decision making.

Pilot data analytics portfolio and animate data analytics projects and combine the two parts to create an infinite value chain

Initiatives are the vehicles to deliver value, and data assets enable this. Combining those two dimensions in a single portfolio is key to enable visibility, manage dependencies and focus on the right investments.

Managing your initiatives and assets from ideation to delivery, and monitoring their value over time creates a virtuous loop:
it supports the required agility and continuous improvement to adapt to the ever evolving business environment.

In YOOI, our cockpit helps you connect the strategy and outcomes with your xOps value chain to consolidate visibility, manage and troubleshoot impacts, and truly achieve 360° value management goals.

Pilot the full lifecycle of D&A initiatives and assets


Guide users with forms and structures

Animate the workflow across participants

Encourage emergence of new ideas with a central cockpit

Identify duplicates and conflicts

YOOI for ideation process


Evaluate feasibility, assess impacts and dependencies

Prioritize and select initiatives, allocate resources

React to unforeseen events

Build your roadmap with YOOI
Facilitate the delivery of data analytics projects


Track progress, manage uncertainties and adjust plans

Shared vision across to ease and stimulate collaboration

Facilitate cross-project coordination

Manage risks and compliance

Monitoring data analytics progress, performance, costs and more


Track operational and financial performance

Visualize and analyze impacts across the value chain

Stimulate further usage and improvements

Animate the delivery of D&A projects

D&A projects involve a large diversity of people with their own expertise and tools. By enabling the connection with the overall strategy and providing a common ground for participants, YOOI accelerates projects delivery.

connect strategies & project deliveries for increasing efficiency

Connect strategies & project deliveries for increasing efficiency

Never lose track of target outcomes, and ease alignment during the delivery, and reporting on the overall program at any time.

Operationalize data strategies with consolidated information for increased visibility

Operationalize data strategies with consolidated information for increased visibility

By connecting different xOps tools, D&A users enable observability and understanding the technical impacts, to ensure focus where it matters.

easy react to unintended consequences for increased agility

Easily react to unintended consequences for increased agility

Communicate progress, and ease collaboration on issues and challenges during delivery to react and adapt quickly, and ensure continued alignment.

Learn more about managing the D&A lifecycle

According to Gartner, 80% of data projects fail because of data management problems at different stages.

To support executives to have full control of the entire lifecycle of the data usage and assets, YOOI proposes a 4-step model to execute data value management. This way, you can capture values from every step and maximize project successes.

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