Track D&A project delivery

Track data and analyticss project delivery with a central project cockpit to manage risks and objectives and collaborate on workflows

Delayed or failed projects?

Missing target

Poor visibility on the the ongoing progress of projects?

Missing target

Intricacy to access and share curated data?

Missing target

Inefficient collaboration tools?

How does YOOI help in this situation?

Drive your projects from ideation to delivery by aligning across the organization on priorities and targeted impacts 

A central cockpit of combined information

Build a central project cockpit of combined information

YOOI is the control tower for your Data & Analytics projects. The dashboard is fully customizable with different visualizations available for managing projects end-to-end. At a glance, you can find all information and artefacts used by the project


Collaborate with communities to support workflows and data sourcing

Communities in YOOI facilitate collaboration on specific projects. Contributors from or outside the organization get easy access to progress and prerequisites and can interact with each other about workflows validation, status update, or strategy alignment

Reference deliverables and support efficient tracking and reporting

Reference deliverables and support efficient tracking & reporting

Thanks to advanced visualization and reporting templates on YOOI, organizations can track and reference deliverables produced by use cases.


Build collective knowledge around data such as expertise contributions, processes, best practices and existing data assets. The enrichment of a global library of replicable assets gives teams the ability to reuse and leverage them.

Capture context, requirements and objectives

Capture context, requirements and objectives

Implement and deploy projects in YOOI by managing knowledge about the Data & Analytics context and environment.


Capture project goals, success metrics, expected outcomes, timeline, and share them with your team for alignment. YOOI is an easy and secured workspace environment for synchronization on projects

Manage risks and compliance

Manage risks and compliance

Minimize threats with a proactive approach all along the lifecycle of your projects regarding usages and data.


Take advantage of the full visibility into users activity to effectively track and identify risk areas, and create compliance reports

Foster teamwork