Seamlessly align your Data & Analytics initiatives with your business strategy

Grow your D&A capabilities and manage D&A value step by step

Organizations can customize YOOI to fit their structure & processes, to perfectly capture their strategy and operating model at scale. While aligning with their business objectives, organizations can prioritize and track their data & analytics roadmap

Different actions in one single platform

Pilot D&A portfolios

  • Collaborate around emergence of opportunities

  • Initialize and manage the roadmap of initiatives and assets

  • Define frameworks to standardize & automate

  • Check dependencies across clusters of initiatives and assets

  • Monitor value created at every level

Track D&A project delivery

  • Build a central cockpit of consolidated information on the project

  • Collaborate with data providers and communities to support workflows and data sourcing

  • Reference deliverables produced with efficient tracking and reporting

  • Capture on context, requirements and objectives

  • Manage risks and compliance

Mobilize data assets & knowledge

  • Aggregate information from heterogeneous data catalogs and systems

  • Track the value of data assets through connection with usage & strategy

  • Share data to support alignment and enablement across the organization

  • Work with data actors within the organization and beyond

  • Enrich assets & knowledge inventory

Ready to leverage Data & Analytics initiatives?

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