Pilot Data & Analytics portfolios

Lack of visibility in data, initiatives, and related information?

No overview of the data & analytics initiatives lifecycle?

Lack of alignment between initiatives and business strategy?

Struggling with risk reporting?

How does YOOI help in this situation?

As the amount of data managed by companies has continuously increased, organizations need to adapt and align their development strategy and generate value through analytics

Collaborate around the emergence of opportunities

Create a global collaboration effort across teams, geographies, and organizations, including partners, clients or suppliers. YOOI is built on a fully flexible data model, allowing each organization to adapt it to its own context and environment. It facilitates and optimizes the qualification process of new opportunities

Define frameworks to standardize & automate

Ease ideation and deployment of your initiatives by defining your rules and analysis through standardized frameworks. Based on the criteria completed on frameworks you can setup automation all along the initiatives lifecycle through including ideation, progress report and performance

Monitor value created at every level

While managing the full lifecycle of Data & Analytics initiatives, ensure tracking optimal value by sharing reporting with real-time progress, updates, and KPIs. All the assets produced are centralized and accessible by teams for reuse

Initialize and manage the roadmap of initiatives & assets

Collaborate around the qualification and prioritization of initiatives and investments. Ensure alignment with the different contributors to pilot your D&A portfolio of initiatives efficiently. By connecting your different tools and environment, YOOI helps data sourcing for your initiatives

Check dependencies across clusters of initiatives

YOOI makes it easy to see the big picture of your Data & Analytics portfolio. From start to finish, manage scheduling, monitor changes in deadlines and milestones, and account for the potential impacts on and from dependencies

Reduce risks and drive impacts

Increase ROI of initiatives

Rationalize investments and opportunities by tracking business impacts and outcomes efficiently all along the lifecycle of initiatives. Deeper insights uncover hidden opportunities and create a real competitive advantage

Obtain a 360° holistic view

Ensure your teams have a comprehensive view of the entire data landscape surrounding each initiative. A unified platform makes alignment flawless between users, objectives, and available resources. Valuable insights are then captured at the right time

Leverage replicable data assets

Report and track value along time turn data from insights into the value and ease business decisions. Collecting and accessing all these valuable achievements ensure the reuse for other opportunities

Ready to leverage Data & Analytics initiatives?

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