Fully integrate into your existing ecosystem of tools and environments, to leverage your existing investments and streamline access to information

Build a central management cockpit for all IT investments

Advanced integration within your environment

Connect your existing systems and information silos with ease and flexibility. YOOI is your hub for all Data & Analytics initiatives to deliver a holistic view with a central management cockpit and automation efforts

YOOI’s connectivity allows users to integrate with project management tools, data science platforms, BI platforms, and more
SSO access management allows internal and external users to connect to YOOI in a user segment or a one-time access
Easy steps to add new users in the system with their email, name, role and access type

Secure access for all contributors

Data security highly relies on continuous and robust identity management. SSO access can grant accesses to internal and external users whenever it is needed, even if it is just for a specific project or a certain contribution

Manage visibility and access

Proper user segmentation and isolation of information can ensure each user has only the right to access and/or modify information that corresponds to his profile and authorizations

User segmentation and information isolation at the use case level ensure each member has corresponding authorizations

Attain the full value from your Data and Analytics