Collaborative knowledge

The value generated from your Data & Analytics initiatives is powered by the people involved, available knowledge, and actionable insights

Manage your knowledge assets effortlessly

Harness the latest information and initiatives

Build a knowledge base with Data & Analytics context and initiatives. Attach a data asset to use cases effortlessly for knowledge sharing, better visibility, and triggering innovations

Simplified metrics to be ready to directly applied to use cases
A directory of common business terms used in the company and their definitions
A chip collection showing which data asset is used in which use case and its references
All collaboration and messages within a use case are accessible on the overview page
Tag a field and create a new discussion with the members of concern

Co-work on information sharing

Every team member is a contributor for exchanging opinions and perspectives from ideation to execution, which streamlines delivery, stimulates continuous improvement, and ensures trust

Cooperate on workflows

Apart from information sharing, YOOI allows different contributors to collaborate on workflows, horizontally for discussion or vertically for validation, track decisions, and accelerate delivery

A stakeholder table of a use case with the records on their roles and assigned responsibilities
Start a new workflow collaboration and invite anyone in the team to discuss, edit, validate or refer information
YOOI support concurrent edition for all team members to work on the same project at the same time

Multiplayer work environment

YOOI supports concurrent edition capability which means you can work on the same project with your teammates at the same time to encourage real-time collaboration

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