How to promote and frame the identification of new Data & AI ideas?

Case study of a french leader in telecommunication



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Data program / AI / Automation

Context & challenges

As part of its strategic plan, the company has made Data and AI a major axis of its transformation with the ambition to become a “best in class” by 2023. A dedicated program within the France business unit has been launched with the objective to accelerate the implementation of Data/AI/Automation solutions for all the business functions.

In order to ensure the delivery of the ambitions set at the program level, the company looked for a solution to manage projects over their entire lifecycle, based on the implementation of new Data & MLOps practices. To test the solution, a POC was defined to support 3 processes:

  • Identifying new ideas
  • Steering new ideas and initiatives
  • Managing ongoing projects

What was the problem?

There were no processes on the Data and AI scope. On the automatisation scope, processes were not collaborative and not robust enough to scale across the company:

  • The idea collection process required the business user to submit their idea in Jira with the correct business line. It was confusing and restrictive and occassioned a pretty low number of ideas suggested by the business teams.
  • The management process was exclusively achieved through Jira with a non-existent 360° vision of the projects. It induced information silos between the business lines and the different profiles involved.

What was the solution?

YOOI has been deployed as the cockpit to provide a 360° visibility on all projects and assets portfolios from ideation to deployment:

A powerful tool to capture & process ideas within the company

YOOI allows any business user to access a home portal leading them directly to an idea submission form. The workflow capability makes it possible to quickly notify the transversal project and business managers of the identified scope and allows the author to complete their idea. A customized framework facilitates the pre-qualification by providing the right information and context.

Smooth integration with the ecosystem

At the end of the ideation stage, the idea is synchronized with a Jira initiative created for the occassion. Then, the initiative join the existing qualification and framing processes according to the SAFe methodology. The YOOI integration with Jira allows to synchronize the initiative’s status and information fields completed through YOOI cockpit with other system such as Collibra for the data used and GCP for the infrastructure costs.

What are the results?

3 min

Average time to submit an idea


Lead time to process an idea from submission to validation

5 X

Ideas collected

Additional contributions

The process of prioritizing initiatives related to a business line was intrinsically closed and siloed. The company wished to redesign this process and particularly to make it more collaborative and less siloed. The dedicated YOOI features like the matrix, the template including criteria or calculation routine, and the workflows were the missing tools to empower a global optimization and gain in employee engagement.

Next steps

The company plans to deploy YOOI within the business lines to equip the whole lifecycle of initiatives, including monitoring & operations. Real time collaboration with technical teams will spark a collaboration dynamic in the run time to ease the raise of product improvements. All teams will be able to monitor business impacts in regard with operational incidents and bugs. This will accelerate the continuous improvement loop and increase value delivered to business.

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