Adaptive & consistent

Combining flexibility and consistency, you can build a Data & Analytics cockpit that fits your processes, and drives your initiatives efficiently

Arrange your Data & Analytics tools with full freedom

Adjust the platform to suit your work structure

YOOI adapts to all environments and organizational structures. From hierarchies to work processes, customizable components enable quicker and more precise adaptation

A simplified summary page of an initiative with key information like glossary terms, adjusted complexity, and key issues
Simplified view to inspect milestones, timeline and follow the main steps of a use case
A validated weekly report for data collection status, risks, deliverables, and more
A list of available reports ordered by name and created under the AI-powered CRM use case

Create reports with ease

A wide range of reporting options fit different types of workflows and context to streamline and ease project status and progress sharing whenever it is needed

Various grids for various purposes

Flexible data grids for view, manipulate and input data in the manner that best reflex the type of information

Data asset overview with choices from drop-down lists, external resource links, and initiatives usage records
Available fields from library configuration allow users to customize the field layout and display options
Manage different layout design for customizing the display and the types of available data on the platform views
Intuitive tabs and fields allow users to input all types of information and navigate through the whole use case
Configuration of uncluttered filters to adjust the view of use cases by status and timeline

Support all working styles with fluid inputs

A clean and uncluttered interface empowers all types of users to contribute, participate in and navigate through different projects

Fast setup with templates

Define the framework and analysis to support internal assessments, including overall evaluations, value assessments, and more

Pre-defined questions for users to measure inputs and obtain a project overview
A demonstration of a project’s complexity with each separate measurements and one calculated complexity score
A list of formulas for users to calculate different numbers or to set up rules to include or exclude information
Configuration of a tab with a pre-defined formula and a list of related fields

Automate your frameworks with formulas

Powerful formulas to consolidate information and support complex assessment and tracking

With excel-like syntax, YOOI supports analysis across fields, concepts, hierarchies

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